There are many ways of dealing with resistance. The consensus seems to be focus on the positive while starving the negative of energy/focus.

While that can work for a time and possibly longer with things you care less about, I have found, for things that go deeper, it is necessary to address these issues in order to clear them.

This will allow you to remain in a higher vibration once you do.

If you are having trouble manifesting something specific, you may want to look into these feelings and stop resisting by redirecting to a positive thought.

Before you shout, “I’m not going to focus on anything negative,” at the me through the screen, let me explain…

Redirecting yourself from a negative thought to a positive one in an attempt to escape spending time in a negative vibration creates resistance. Distracting yourself from things that you inwardly feel bad about, actually resists that negative thought and emotion.

Since what you resist, persists, that thought and the emotion surrounding it, grows bigger in the background when you try to escape it.

In essence you are pushing that emotion/thought away while deeming it not good enough or “bad.” Since you are the one holding that energy, you are communicating to yourself that parts of you are not good enough or bad.

Your emotions and thoughts are all forms of energy; that energy needs to be and will be expressed in some way.

Directing Your Energy

You can direct your energy with positive focus to manifest things you want, but if your doing it to escape feeling bad, then you’re splitting your energy and that’s never a great feeling.

You should feel good because you have decided that you deserve to feel good, not because you are scared to feel bad.

Although very subtle, they are two very different vibrations. Splitting your energy by intentionally trying to feel good, while feeling bad in the “background,” creates wobbles.

The energy being expressed when constantly redirecting may show up later in unexpected ways. Anger outbursts, crying, skin conditions, unwanted circumstances, pain, etc., are all different ways that energy will express itself if you choose to suppress it.

Ignoring your “negative” emotions and feelings can be heavier on your point of attraction than consciously spending time in depression and anxiety.

I say “negative,” because your feelings, ALL of them, are there to guide you. The “negative” ones are pointing in the direction you need to go in order to heal and release emotion.

When you run away, you’re unintentionally making the feeling your running from bigger and more powerful that it actually is. You’re giving your power to it.

If/when it does burst out, you will probably have a negative reaction to the way it was expressed, restarting the cycle.

The Ego

When you consciously address the concerns presented by your “ego,” you are accepting parts of yourself that you may have been resisting your entire adult life, maybe even longer.

Worrying is just your ego trying to protect you from some kind of experience it thinks may happen based on your beliefs or previous experiences.

Your ego is NOT your enemy. It is a part of you and should be loved and nurtured, the same way you would nurture your body or something you care about.

Here are 3 Steps to Help You Release Resistance

1.Accept your resistance. The first thing to do is to realize that your resistance or negative emotion is there for a reason.

Accept that any resistance or feeling that you are having, is valid.

It’s not ridiculous, it’s not an over reaction, it’s not dramatic….it’s how you feel.

You are receiving cues that there is something that needs to be addressed.

How do I address it?

Feel it. Whatever thought or emotion you have been running from, needs to be addressed. It’s your body and emotions telling you Hey! Right HERE! Look at me! Like hunger telling you to eat, it’s telling you to heal this by shining your loving attention onto it.

Once you begin to acknowledge how you feel you will be surprised at how fast any resistance will actually dissipate. It only takes a few moments and you will just know when you have done it long enough, because you will feel relief.

2. Relax. Life is supposed to be easy and fun for you.

Realize that you have built this resistance up over years, possibly even decades. Give yourself some time to let the momentum of what you may have been experiencing for so long, subside.

After accepting the resistance you once had, you can begin to build the momentum up in the direction you want it to go in without wobble.

3. Being in the Moment. Pushing against what is happening right now in order to get somewhere else can take on many different forms.

An example of not being in the present moment: looking forward (and then remaining there, mentally projecting) to when what you want will be manifested. This can almost set you on “autopilot” and have you identifying in the future so much that you are not really in the present moment.

Being in a state of allowing requires an element of being in the moment. You really cannot even recognize things shifting in your reality if you are so focused on when your money will manifest or when your love is going to show up.

Enjoy now on the way to your manifestation and you will be manifesting wanted circumstances all over the place.

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