How powerful do you think you are?

Chances are, even if you did not respond out loud, you had an answer when you read it. Do you know how much power you have? Do you believe you are powerful at all? In any sense of the word?

Or do you believe that you are powerless and that everything is happening to you?

The answer, while it may seem simple, makes absolutely all of the difference as to what you experience in your life. it’s an indication of the beliefs you hold about yourself and the way the world works.

If you are new to the Law of Attraction, it’s worth noting that your beliefs will always play out in your reality and prove you correct.

So, if you thought something along the lines of What kind of power could I have? chances are, you are are unaware of your power.

If you never move outside of the belief that you are powerless, then that circumstance cannot change. You will be proven right, time and time again.

On the other hand, believe that you are powerful and anything is possible and you can have absolutely anything you want.

Identifying beliefs that do not serve you and updating them, is one of the most most powerful things you can do. It can change your life and your point of attraction, which is why it is number one on the list.

Here are 3 ways to recognize your power (and therefore make you more powerFUL):

1.Believe in yourself. “Believe in yourself, Who else gonna believe in you? Who else gonna believe in you??” – 2Chainz

If you do not believe in yourself, you will not be able to accomplish much of anything. While you are so incredibly powerful, if you believe that you are not, then you are right.

When you believe you are powerless, you are using your power to prove to yourself that you are not powerful, over and over again.

When you feel powerless, you draw circumstances to you that make you feel that way. That confirms the belief, restarting the cycle at the beginning (the feeling).


If you grow up believing that money only comes from working very hard and that effort is required with everything in life, you are probably having a harder time in life than you need to be.

Start with the premise-money is scarce, and it plays out as true. Since we witness the results through experience, we take that as evidence and it turn into our belief.

We make decisions, act and react based on our beliefs. What we attract (manifest) is directly influenced by what we believe. Our belief is one of the strongest tools we have…how are you using it?

What do you believe? Do you believe life is supposed to be hard? Do you believe that everything is easy for you?

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe” -Albert Einstein

What to do?

Take a look at your beliefs, it may be time for an update. A belief is just a thought that was repeated and accepted as true by your ego, so to change it, redirect to something you choose to believe.

2. Affirmations. Everything you say is an affirmation, especially when it follows I AM. Think about it, if I am successful is an affirmation, how is that different from I am broke?

I AM is a command to your subconscious.

When you are having a conversation or speaking in general, essentially you are affirming whatever your belief is on the subject at hand.

That not only goes for politics and religion, but also the way your kids behave, complaining about the dog, how you hate your job or saying hurtful things about others.

All of these things will continue in your life…you will continue to hate your job, your dog will continue to eat your living room, your kids will continue to behave in ways that are not pleasing to you, and others will do things to you to make you feel the need to speak negatively of them… if you continue to affirm this with your words.

Your point of attraction will continue to show you circumstances that match.

What to do?

Start with setting an intention to be more aware of the things you are saying on the daily. Start speaking about things you prefer and avoid saying negative things to or about others.

You can change your life for the better by choosing your words more carefully. When your words are aligned with your intentions, you have more power to get what you want.

3.Pay Attention to Your FEELINGS: Most people are under the impression that their feelings are an annoyance. Name something else built into our body that is there just to fuck with us.

Sure, we can see why feeling the pain that a hot stove produces in our hand is beneficial, but what about when we are feeling fear that we are going to get fired?

Negative emotion is your indication that your focus is off and you are thinking things or possibly even doing things, that are in opposition to what you really want.

That negative emotion, while totally understandable, is not helping you. Your beliefs will play out in your reality.

So if you have a belief that you will be fired, chances are, eventually that will happen. It may take some time, but it will play out unless you change that belief.

Belief + Emotion

Since the belief is mixed with emotion, it’s even more powerful. Shit, you might as well start looking for another job right now, if you are full of feelings of worry about getting fired.

Our feelings are not there just to cause us irritation. They are personal and offer us built in guidance toward everything that we desire.

The fear that you feel is telling you that you are holding a belief that is not beneficial in getting you what you desire.

Accept your belief as a valid concern and then turn your attention to something that feels better.

Feelings equal power, that power creates your circumstances.


If you are deliberate and intentionally focusing on what makes you feel best, you will be manifesting exact wanted circumstances and all things wonderful.

People who are aware of this are usually very successful and confident. They have an almost magnetic & charming energy that attracts others to them. You can FEEL it coming off of them. This stance holds the most power in manifesting. Calm, confident knowing.

If you are not deliberate, and your focus and feelings are all over the place, you are getting a mix of circumstances that are wanted & unwanted. This is the category most people fall into and it is not very powerful.

If you are focusing on negative feelings most of the time whether intentionally or not, you are manifesting more things to feel negative about. While this stance is powerful, it is not as powerful as using deliberate focus, because when you focus on what you want, you have the entire universe behind you.

In most cases, just as in the intentional focuser, you can FEEL the negative energy coming off of someone who has a consistent, negative focus.

Take Away

Feeling good is, well, good. In fact, what is any better? Why do most people do any of the things that they do anyway? To feel better, or to feel prettier or to feel more successful, etc.

What to do?

Start honoring yourself and your feelings, and you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.

When you can get all three of these aspects of yourself going in the same direction, you will be in alignment. This means you can manifest anything you want.

Trust and have faith that everything is working out for you. Being fearful about everything is not having faith and feeling bad is not what was intended for you.

Start appreciating what you have in order to attract more things for you to appreciate and have more fun, because you deserve it.

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