Have you ever encountered a coincidence?

When I was 20 years old I was getting ready to leave my apartment, when I thought “I could meet the love of my life today.”

I wasn’t trying to manifest anything, it was just an attempt at making myself feel better; I was on a mission to turn my thoughts around from the negativity I had been battling most of my life.

As I was buckling my daughter in, a car pulled up. The driver asked me for my phone number and I gave it him. Although, I wanted the guy in the passenger seat to take my number instead. He did.

Long story short, we spent the next 8 years or so together and have two children.

I also met my ex-husband in a different parking lot, in a different town when I was 17, four years before that.

Another “coincidence.”

That’s Just A Coincidence

Did you know that “The Simpsons” has predicted 25+ events that actually literally happened, like in reality?

For example, the Higgs Boson particle (often referred to as “The God Particle”) was discovered 14 years after Homer scribbled an equation, only slightly differentiating from the formula, onto a chalkboard.

Also predicted by the Simpsons: Nobel Prizes, faulty voting machines, Superbowl winners, Donald Trump as president and auto-correct among other things.

There are also many movies and books that have predicted events as well. See my Resources Page for complete list of movies as well as “The Simpsons” list.

Fourteen years before the Titanic actually wrecked into an iceberg, there was a book written named The Wreck of the Titan. The circumstances between the two are eerily similar.

Both ships were called “unsinkable,” both were British owned ships, around 800 ft. long and sank after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic, in April, “around midnight.” That’s not even all of the similarities among the pair.

What did these things have in common? Focus, attention and scripting, in a lighthearted manner.


Scripting in manifesting is just another name for writing down what you want to experience with the intention of getting it.

In these instances the focus was light-hearted. By light-hearted I mean that there was no intention to try and make these circumstances happen in reality. Which is why they played out perfectly.

Movies and shows have scripts, and books also fall somewhere into that category, as well. They were all written (SPELLING) and intended as entertainment. As a result, there was no resistance or doubt these things would happen.

These ideas were all expressed, either spoken or written, and then let go completely. If you can begin applying this to your manifestations, you can literally have whatever you want. It will be done.

In the example of my story, I was not holding any resistance either, as I was not trying to meet someone. I was just thinking it would be nice if it did, let it go…and then it happened. It was effortless, I did not try.

All of these things can all be chalked up to coincidence, however, what if they are something more? And if we still consider them all to be coincidences, at what point does it stop being a coincidence?

Doesn’t that point to something bigger happening?


There’s a bigger mind and greater intelligence behind everything. Something that we cannot see, and yet, is present in everything.

It’s how ants know that their queen has died, without being in her presence and start behaving as if they are confused.

How fish swim, move and turn so perfectly when they are in their schools together.

And how birds fly together, and massive groups of them can move as one.

It’s how we can walk into a room and feel the tension in it, after two people just had an argument, although there is no physical proof to suggest that.

Everything is connected.

We could say that with a large enough sample of people, anything unlikely can happen.

A coincidence here and there is bound to happen. But what about with a smaller sample? Say of one person.

If that person experiences a meaningful coincidence multiple times per day, the theory of having a large enough sample of people goes out of the window.

Quantum physics is based on the fact that nothing is unaffected by the observer.

If nothing is unaffected by the observer, than every coincidence you experience is totally individual and only for you.

A coincidence can be described as a surprising happenstance, thought of as meaningfully related, with no visible connection.

The connection is really the person experiencing them.

Coincidences are not things happening to us, they are coming from within.

You are the constant in the coincidence(s) you experience.

We can explain away anything, trying to rationalize and prove everything going on around us. This is especially easy because whatever you believe will be proven true for you. No matter what it is.

This is why there are so many experiments concluding with different results, why there are so many different religions/gods and why people hold so many different view points.

Because they are all correct.

When you start to realize that these “coincidences” are always happening and specifically for you, you begin to consider that there is a something WAY bigger going on.

The more you notice these synchronicities, the more they will be presented to you.

What you Focus on Grows

The energy that you emit, will be expressed and what you focus on grows.

When synchronicity is continuously experienced, it changes your understanding of reality and the way life works. You come to the understanding that everything is aware of you . Everything.

It cannot be any other way and happen the way it does.

It also makes you very aware of the fact that everything that you experience, you are creating, whether you are aware of it or not.

I experience synchronicity on the daily, many, many times within the day. It seems to vary wildly mostly depending on my focus and how I’m feeling.

Examples of Synchronicity

  • Barely noticing an image of someone on Facebook only to have them “randomly” message me shortly afterward,
  • Thinking of people and seeing them: one example is my sister and I having a “random” conversation about deer jerky in Walmart where I told her my uncle (who I haven’t seen in years) used to trick me into eating it describing it as beef, only to find out within a few moments that he was in the next aisle,
  • listening to songs: where I’m doing what they are describing in that exact moment: “check your review mirrors and your side mirrors,” (lil Wayne song) as I’m looking in the review and side mirrors,
  • watching TV shows: being lazy about writing down a wonderful idea I was having and at the same moment, Dennis on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” saying “Why aren’t you writing this down?”
  • Perfect timing, literally: I will pull into my house on the dot, ex: 7:00 pm, only to walk into my house and look at the stove at 7:00 pm (clock is 2 minutes behind), scenarios happen like that constantly, everyday. I will pick up my phone, for no apparent reason at 2:22 or 3:33, just to be shown the time, or someone I’m with will just announce it.
  • Circumstances: one day my daughter wanted to have a sleepover and forgot to ask where her friend where she lived. I asked my daughter where her friend lived and she told me she forgot to ask. I said, “she lives around the corner,” fully expecting that to be true, I’ve gotten pretty good at this manifesting stuff, turns out she wasn’t around the corner from where we were. She was literally and figuratively around the corner from a house that I lived in as a kid.

These things and things like them happen to me so much, I believe that absolutely anything is possible.


Synchronicity feels like love.

There really is no other word for the feeling. Once you experience it, you will realize that we are not a mere accident and we are not being harshly judged on every move we make. You are completely loved and accepted for exactly who you are are…more than you can even comprehend.

What you are “paying” your attention to and feeling will be played out to you in circumstances, because you are loved.

Just start being more deliberate in what you are paying attention to, and that will also help you be more deliberate with your feelings.

Then you can create these “coincidences” on purpose.

Remember who you are and start believing in yourself like the universe believes in you.

You can have whatever you want. It’s time to start acting like it.

For a like to more coincidences and resources, check out my Resource Page