The Universe is literally everything. It is all of space and time: past, present and future. It is ALL physical matter. ALL energy-from fossil fuels, to magnetic fields, to micro-waves. ANY living (or dead) thing that has ever existed, and anything that has been or will ever be created.

It is our entire solar system, plus the hundreds of thousands of other solar systems that have been discovered so far.

All of the trillions of stars in space and the billions of other galaxies just like our Milky Way, we continuously seem to be discovering. And then, it’s everything within those galaxies, too.

Physics has yet to actually determine whether or not the Universe is finite or infinite. We have no idea if the universe in which we live, goes on forever or not!

Just Because You Can’t See It Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t There

Did you know, that we also have no idea what is making up most of the mass within our own solar system? We cannot see it or find it and only know it’s there because we can measure the effect of it. We are still trying to figure out what it is.

Combine all of that with the fact that we can only see something like 1% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum and can only hear a small range of sound frequencies and it starts to become apparent that there is more going on here than we are able to perceive with our five senses.

In my opinion, the universe does go on forever in all directions, big and small, because we continue to look.

There will always be more if we are looking for it. There has to be something there when you look at it, right?.

If we develop something that can see smaller than the smallest known units, when we go to look, I’m sure we will find something.


It’s almost like the universe accommodates us (actually that’s exactly what it does) our beliefs will always be reflected back to us in our circumstances. We continue to look harder and with more advanced technology and the universe says, “Okay, here’s more.”

We thought we had found the smallest particle with the atom, which comes in at .00000000001 of a meter across.

Turns out that wasn’t even close.

The Planck length, which is now the smallest “particle” we know of that gravity has an effect on, has -35 zeros after the decimal: .0000000000000000000000000000000000001616 of a meter across.

In comparison, a single grain of rice is around .001 meter across.

We see small/huge numbers like this and they don’t really have much meaning in our everyday lives, as we have nothing to compare them to.

We can’t really imagine how small the Planck length is, or how vast our universe is, because we have no frame of reference. I’ve added links to size comparisons and other helpful articles here that I think may help create an idea.

The You in Universe

There are something like 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms inside of your body.

That’s 7 billion, billion, billion.

All of the atoms inside of your body encompass an awareness. Each one of those individual cells has the intelligence to carry out functions that we could not replicate if we tried (and we’ve been trying).

We actually have a very limited grasp on our own biology.

All of those atoms, make us up. We are essentially living layers, that when combined, house our awareness.

All of your cells and atoms enable you to taste and think and remember.

They are all working for you, together, with whatever energy flow you are giving them.

Direct the (U)niverse

We direct these layers of ourselves with our attention, focus and emotions. That is the energy they are using to carry out their functions.

This is also why we are in complete control of our physical bodies, although, to many who are not aware of their emotions and focus, this may not seem to be the case.

Nevertheless, there are many people who have discovered this and have been able to heal themselves.

Although to me it’s a little confusing to think that we can control the movements of say, our arms, with intentional thought, but not the layers that make up the arm.

WE are also the universe, and since we include thoughts and emotions, that means they are also part of the universe, whether they have been expressed or not.

Can U Tell the Difference?

It seems to be the consensus that the universe can’t tell the difference between wanted and unwanted, past and present, etc. This is often the reason given behind NOT addressing deep issues in LOA.

That, however, is not my opinion. We understand wanted from unwanted and know the difference between past and present. We are all the same mind at our higher levels. So if I can make these distinctions, I can tell you right now, the universe can too.

The universe is infinite intelligence, it knows what is happening, it knows what you want.

If you want to be rich, the universe knows that. It wants you to be rich too, because it is you. If you want something, that means the universe wants you to have it too.

Allow Yourself to Have What You Want

But, it can only give it to you if you let it. It will not go against what you are asking for, because you are a creator. You are free to create whatever you choose. If you choose to ask (intentionally or unintentionally) for unwanted things by focusing/feeling about them, that is what you will create.

There is, however, one exception: When you are focusing on a negative feeling in order to express it and address the deeper root of it. this does not seem to count the same as focusing in a negative vibration. This is often referred to as shadow work.

The Universe knows you are focusing in order to release that. While very subtle, the intention behind spending time in a negative vibration to do shadow work and clear those emotions, is not the same as just feeling bad.

The universe does pick up on the difference. You will know you have addressed the issue when you come out of shadow work as you will often feel a deep sense of relief.

Take Away

You are the universe and have the power of everything (Your 7 billion, billion, billion cells, the trillions of stars, infinite space & energy) channeled through your thoughts and emotions.

Just because things look a certain way on the surface, does NOT mean that is the way the actually are.

Learn to guide your thoughts and feelings and you can manifest anything that you want in this lifetime.

If there is no end to the universe, and we can direct that power to receive exactly what we want, how powerful does that actually make us???

Check out the Resources page for size comparisons and other resources.